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A succession is the process whereby a Louisiana Court decides how a person’s property is divided after their death. This process is commonly referred to as “probate.” Probate is the term for this judicial process in all other 49 states.

  • Intestate Successions are when a person dies without a will. When there is no will, Louisiana law governs who inherits.
  • Testate Successions are when a person dies with a will. Generally, the will governs who inherits, subject to certain legal restrictions.

Regardless of whether a person dies with or without a will, there is a legal process that must be followed by the heirs. Uncontested successions are simpler and less costly than those that are contested. There are times that the will is contested or the heirs cannot agree on how the property is to be divided.

Katherine L. Hurst is experienced in handling uncontested successions and litigating contested successions.

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